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While finishing the property, it’s very important to properly plan out the front zone. The fore should be as functional as possible while performing aesthetic functions. The front piece of the fence basically separates the intimate, home space from the outside. Well thought-out elements on the property optimize the performance of daily activities.

Modern garden pergolas are constructions which create an outside comfort zone where you can relax in the fresh air.  Spending your free time outside is very beneficial for your body and mind but sometimes the weather doesn't fit into your plans and rain or really high temperature can make you give up on relaxing in the garden.

When you're thinking of fencing the house it's good to take a closer look at the front zone. Beautiful fore of the fence is not only a form of decoration or security it also affects the whole picture of the property. Not only do we use the entry zone but everyone from our guests to people passing by can see it. That's why you should make sure to choose the right design which will create a perfect cohesion between the house, fence and preferences of the owner. 

Jedną z głównych funkcji jakie powinno spełniać ogrodzenie jest zapewnienie mieszkańcom poczucia bezpieczeństwa oraz stworzenie kameralnej przestrzeni, w której można swobodnie funkcjonować nie martwiąc się o naruszenie prywatności przez sąsiadów, czy osoby z zewnątrz.

Fence is a true showpiece of the property. This element connects the intimate household space with the freely available outside pathway. In fact it has a lot of functions from which the most essential is to ensure the safety and comfort of the residents. Visual aspects are also important since the fence should be longtime, sumptuous, ornamental piece of the property. That's why it's necessary to make sure it's made out of the highest quality materials possible and it has modern automated solutions that will upgrade comfort levels in everyday life.

The decision on fencing the property comes up usually when the house is already done, at least from the outside. Due to the risk of demage it's way less often to install the fence before building the house. That's why usually fences are made to match the house than the opposite. Should it be high and covering or just subtly mark the boundaries of the property? Well, it all depends on the owners preferences.

Fencing the property is a long-term investment. It's really important to choose right materials, which will be durable enough so the construction made of them will last as long as possible. Good materials should prevent the fence from intense weather conditions, UV rays or phisical demages. There are a lot of choices but aluminum fences are getting more and more popular year by year.

Quartz sinters are formed as a result of combination of previously grounded granite with added elements such as quartz, clay, feldspar fluxes, shale clays and ceramic pigments as needed. Created mass is then subjected to a really high pressure in a specialized press to finally be transferred into an oven heated up to over 1200 degrees Celsius. Thanks to thermal treatment quartz sinters gains resistance, durability and flexibility.