Concrete fencing

Elegant and practical fencing made of architectural concrete

A high-quality architectural concrete fence will serve you for many years. The use of properly enriched mixture prevents posts and walls from absorbing water, provides resistance to temperature changes and abrasion. The fence is easy to keep clean, and it is even possible to cover with anti-graffiti coating, which makes it easier to remove the effects of vandalism.


The natural appearance of the material makes fencing made of architectural concrete easily fit into almost any environment, especially in the case of modern and minimalist buildings. Concrete fences are built in two ways - posts and walls can be poured on the construction site or built significantly faster with ready-made panels.

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Rockina Cubero – durability and fast assembly

Rockina Cubero is a system of prefabricated walls, underpinnings and posts. The modular fence design allows to minimize the assembly time and clutter on the construction site. Its base is a metal structure, covered with maintenance-free plates from various materials, including architectural concrete and quartz sinters.


Rockina Cubero is an open construction, which allows the installation of additional elements, such as lighting or a letterbox. You can also cut out any inscriptions and characters on the panels. Concrete posts and walls look great in the company of wooden planks or longer-lasting aluminum fencing panels, such as Arete Horizon.

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Architectural concrete in Xcel fences

In Xcel fences, we use high-quality architectural concrete of grade not lower than C30 / 37, reinforced with polypropylene fiber. As standard, not dyed plates are available in four shades, but other colors are available on special request. The hydrophobic coating and resistance to frost and abrasion make our architectural concrete fences extremely durable. You can also choose an anti-graffiti coating that makes it easy to keep the fence clean.

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Architectural concrete - what is it?

It is used more and more in the design of interiors, buildings, fences and elements of small architecture. Architectural concrete is high-quality concrete, which has structural functions and at the same time is a decorative element. It is made of cement, aggregates, water and special additives and admixtures. Properly selected moxture allows you to obtain concrete with a certain appearance and properties.


The surface of architectural concrete can be smooth or porous, and by dying you can achieve any color. However, it is most appreciated for its gray color and natural discoloration and streaks. These features make the architectural concrete give the interiors, buildings and fences a noble and elegant look.

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Beautiful and durable

High-quality architectural concrete is characterized by aesthetic appearance, high durability and easy processing. High plasticity of the material makes it possible to create molds of any color and shape. After proper enrichment of the mixture, architectural concrete becomes easy to wash, resistant to abrasion, water and fire and changes in weather conditions.


No wonder that this beautiful, raw material is used both in private and public spaces. Each element of architectural concrete looks a bit different, which gives all designs a unique look. This is why this material is so often used in Xcel fences.

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Versatile use of architectural concrete

The unusual properties of architectural concrete mean that it may be used both inside and outside buildings. Properly impregnated boards are resistant to moisture and scratches, so they will work on the floor and walls, even in the bathroom. Architectural concrete is also used for kitchen countertops, fireplaces and stairs. Resistance to weather conditions and abrasion makes this material great to be used on the facades of buildings or gardens.


The Xcel offer includes not only fences made of architectural concrete, but also facade panels, various roofs and other elements of small architecture, thanks to which the surroundings of your home will acquire a unique character.

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