4 Design Days 2020. Short report from the event

Once again, 4 Design Days did not disappoint us. This year, Spodek and the International Congress Center in Katowice again filled with a crowd of people connected by a common passion - love of architecture and good design. 

During the days for professionals, we took part in several interesting sessions on sustainable design and had the opportunity to make many inspirational acquaintances. We hope that they will result in interesting projects in the future.

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However, our favorite part of 4 Design Days are Open Days, during which we have the opportunity to meet potential owners of Xcel fences, i.e. you. Conversations with visitors to the stand are extremely important to us, because they show what solutions you are looking for and what is particularly important to you. Frequently asked questions have become an inspiration to improve our systems and even create completely new products. 

This year, we were present at two stands and together with our partner, Renson, we presented several new products. We are glad that they met with enthusiastic reception! For those of you who could not come to Katowice, we briefly describe them below.

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The central element of the main stand was the concept of entrance to a modern property. The fence was created on the basis of vertical posts of the Arete Vertico system interspersed with natural ivy, which adds lightness to the structure. The plant is ideal for this role - it maintains aesthetic values throughout the year, without requiring special care. 

There is also a wicket in the entrance area. We focused on the Arete Pure system – a minimalist wicket covered with varnished aluminum sheet with a straight handrail and an embossed decor with the house number. A practical solution is a pivot hinge, thanks to which the gate opens in both directions.

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The main stand also featured another interesting project - the concept of a fence for a modern barn house, which was created in cooperation with Renson. The Xcel Arete Pure gate is filled with Renson Linearte aluminum profiles in graphite and wood-like colors. 

The walls of the fence were based on Rockina Cubero poles covered with white sintered quartz. The materials used are maintenance-free, and Linearte profiles can be used on the building's facade to achieve an extremely consistent visual effect.

4-design-days-2020-short-report-from-the-event zdjęcie ogrodzenia

It remains to discuss the additional stand. We showed a miniature version of the Renson Camargue Skye pergola available in our offer. The model perfectly presented the principle of operation of movable roof slats, which can be not only opened and closed, but also slid aside. 

In this way, users themselves regulate the amount of sunlight transmitted through the roof. What's more, the special construction of the slats ensures effective water drainage, even in the case of the biggest downpour. The Renson Camargue Skye pergola is available in many colors and can be equipped with various additional elements: electrically operated side blinds, sliding doors, lighting, heating and speakers.

4-design-days-2020-short-report-from-the-event zdjęcie ogrodzenia