Quartz sinters

What is a quartz sinter?

Quartz sinters are formed as a result of combination of previously grounded granite with added elements such as quartz, clay, feldspar fluxes, shale clays and ceramic pigments as needed. Created mass is then subjected to a really high pressure in a specialized press to finally be transferred into an oven heated up to over 1200 degrees Celsius. Thanks to thermal treatment quartz sinters gains resistance, durability and flexibility.

quartz-sinters zdjęcie ogrodzeniaCombinations of stylish sinters in different shades with integrated video intercoms

That's how by the usage of highly technologically advanced solutions quartz sinters are made. What's so special about them is that they can be created in any color, structure or size which later can be precisely cut to recive a perfect shape. Another adventage which makes quartz sinters so popular is the way they can look just like sandstones, granites, slates or marbles while being way lighter and thinner. Usually quartz sinter plates weight around 10 kilograms per square meter.

quartz-sinters zdjęcie ogrodzeniaThe fence complemented by free-standing columns finished with quartz sinters plates imitating travertine

Why is it a perfect choice?

The appearance, as previously said, has such a huge influence on the popularity of quartz sinters. Due to the possibility of assimilating sinters to marbles or granites for example people perceive them as luxurious and elegant, which is willingly chosen by clients or architects who appreciate aesthetics. Another thing that makes quartz sinters outstanding is the fact that thay are usually made in huge formats which make them way easier to work with when it comes to installation on surfaces like walls, elevations, floors or modern fences. Lighter weight and smaller thickness also improve installing the quartz sinters plates.


quartz-sinters zdjęcie ogrodzeniaStunning composition of quartz sinters both on the fence and elevation of the house

This solution is almost maintence free. On plates made of quartz sinters discoloration doesn't occur as it happens to natural stones. They're also highly demage resistant, whether it's mechanical or chemical, there's also no need of impregnation. What's really important is the fact that quartz sinters do not emit any harmful substances to the enviroment. The water absorption is really small, around 0,1%, that's why plates made of sinters are frost-resistant and they work perfectly under various conditions. They are also resistant to UV rays. That's the reason why quartz sinters are the perfect choice to use in projects of modern fences as complementary elements for gates, wickets or buldings. Because of diversity of colors and structures they work perfectly as a property decoration.


quartz-sinters zdjęcie ogrodzeniaQuartz sinters in various forms

An alternative to natural stones

Natural stones are way heavier and and less flexible in terms of processing and installation unlike the alternative plates made of quartz sinters which can be installed quick and easy with no need of extra space. They're also really easy to clean, because the surface of the sinters can be perfectly smooth which is hard to accomplish when it comes to plates made out of natural stones or ceramic materials. The demage resistance is also way higher.


quartz-sinters zdjęcie ogrodzeniaCombinations of stylish sinters in different shades with integrated video intercoms