FAQ – frequently asked questions

Why the fence is such an important element of the property?

Fence is a true showpiece of the property. This element connects the intimate household space with the freely available outside pathway. In fact it has a lot of functions from which the most essential is to ensure the safety and comfort of the residents. Visual aspects are also important since the fence should be longtime, sumptuous, ornamental piece of the property. That's why it's necessary to make sure it's made out of the highest quality materials possible and it has modern automated solutions that will upgrade comfort levels in everyday life.


Should I opt for a professional project?

Of course! Professional project made by the specialists will show you how the exact elements would present on your property. That would also let you make any needed changes at any designing stage so that the final effect would meet all your expectations and preferences. You can get an accurate visualization that'll be a 1:1 reflection of your project. Help from the experts will let you create the fence of your dreams and avoid the disappointment.

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How does the designing process look like?

Creating a project is a complex case, because it's made individually for each client. The most important thing of this process is an accurate measurement which has an influence on the entire project including exact systems and cost of the realization. After that and collecting all the important information about clients preferences and needs we start to create the first version of the project which can be changed if needed so the final effect would meet all the expectations of the investor and technical aspects.


Do weather conditions have an impact on the fence?

Decision on fencing should be made after analyzing all the aspects that might affect the state of it throughout the years. Geographic placement, changing seasons, humidity levels or sun exposition can have a major impact on persistence and outlook of the fence. Because of that the material choice should be well thought out. Some materials are more or less prone to demage due to weather conditions and outside exposition. Our company offers modern fences which are made only from the highest quality materials. That's the reason why each of our constructions perform it's functions and don't lose properties over time.

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Which materials should i choose?

XCEL concentrate on producing mainly aluminum elements which can be complemented with quartz sinters or architectural concrete. All those materials has common characteristics such as resilience, resistence to weather conditions, ease of installation plus they're almost maintenance free. Aluminum constructions can be done in any color or imitate one of several wood types but unlike the raw material it doesn't need any extra impregnation or preservation. Just like quartz sinters that can look just like raw stones such as marbles or granite but are way more resilient, lighter and easier in maintenance.

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Is re-maintenance of the fence necessary each season?

Everything depends on used materials. If you'll choose our offer you don't have to worry about that. XCEL products are based on the hightest quality elements made out of aluminum, that can imitate wood, quartz sinters looking like natural stones and arichectural concrete. Fence systems made out of those materials are almost maintenance free and don't need any extra impregnation or seasional renewing besides simple cleaning.

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If I'd order a project do I have to outsource realization to any other company?

No, XCEL offers a complex realization of your order from advising through crating a project, production and installation up to servicing if needed. That's why by choosing our company you're making sure we'll create the fence of your dreams.


How much does the fence cost?

Final cost depends on several factors, there's no one neutral estimate. Since each project is individual and unique the cost will change due to materials used, surface covered or extra elements. We highly recommend contacting us! Let us create a project and final estimate of your fence.

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What extra elements should i choose?

First of all it's highly advisable to choose automated and integrated solutions. Remotely opening gate is is the true basis that will ensure the safety and comfort in everyday life, modern video intercom is really useful to open the wicket straight from the house. Elements such as mailbox, covers for gas and electricity meters that aesthetically match the fence or utility room for tools and trash bins will upgrade your everyday functioning comfortable. If you want your property to really stand out you might think about extra lightning added to the fence.

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How much time does the realization take?

Again, everything depends on each individual order and it's specifications. On average from the approval of the project it takes around two to three months to complete the realization.


Can I make decisions on visual aspects of the project or are there only premade systems?

Sure! XCEL fence realizations are made individually for each of our clients depending on their needs and preferences. Systems available in our offer can be freely selected and varied so that the final result would meet your highest expectations and serve you for long years. Our experts always make sure to co-design the realization with the investors that's why there's always room for adding changes.

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Do you offer only fencing systems?

No! In fact our company besides complex realizations of fences also offers modern pergolas that will provide you comfortable relaxing space in your garden.

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Is your offer available only in Poland?

No, we're working internationally! XCEL realizations can be found in many European countries! Our products are based on the highest quality materials and that's the reason so many international clients decided to choose our services. If you have any more questions about international cooperation please let us know!

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How can I contact you?

If you have any questions you can always call us or send us an e-mail! We're based in Silesia, Poland but XCEL representatives are located in many polish and foreign cities. All contact information can be found on our page in the „CONTACT” tab. We're also on Facebook and Instagram!

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