How our fences can improve your level of security and privacy

One of the main functions that a fence should perform are providing a sence of security and creating an intimate space where you can freely use without worrying about privacy violation caused by neighbours or anyone from the outside.

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When you plan to fence your property it's really important to remember that it's a long term investment. That's why not only your current needs and wants are important but also the things that might be needed in the future should cross your mind. Basic thing that improves your sence of security is height of the fence. Of course everything depends on clients preferences but for sure the higher the safer and harder to break through.

Another factor that has an impact on the households comfort is how much can be seen from the outside. The fence can cover the property more or less according to the owners needs.

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Should you choose horizontal or vertical spans?

Spans system should also fit into clients preferences. If you choose horizontal option it's important to remember to make them tight enough since it could be used as a ladder for someone who would want to get through the fence. The vertical variant will make breaking through way harder.

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Solid front zone

Well secured property starts with well secured front zone. Automated solutions, solid gate equipped with a motion sensor which opens and closes by the use of a controller and a wicket with a code and integrated video intercom are not only functional and comfortable but also makes a huge part in making you feel secure in your own home.

Materials that are used to make the fence also have an impact on the final level of security. Modern materials such as quartz sinters as part of an aluminum fence perform not only aesthetic and visual functions but also are really solid, resilient plus there's almost no extra maintenance needed. That's why it's a profitable investment.

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