What's so special about pergolas?

What exactly is a garden pergola?

Modern garden pergolas are constructions which create an outside comfort zone where you can relax in the fresh air. Spending your free time outside is very beneficial for your body and mind but sometimes the weather doesn't fit into your plans and rain or really high temperature can make you give up on relaxing in the garden.

If you appreciate resting surrounded by nature, a pergola would be perfect for you!

what-s-so-special-about-pergolas zdjęcie ogrodzeniaAn elegant and modern pergola build over a terrace
what-s-so-special-about-pergolas zdjęcie ogrodzeniaPergola lamellas that you can fully control by using a controller or an app
what-s-so-special-about-pergolas zdjęcie ogrodzeniaPergola lamellas that you can fully control by using a controller or an app

The main function a pergola should perform is creating space which you can use regardless of the weather conditions at the moment. This place should be functional and visually appealing so it fits perfectly to the whole property, the building and fence. Construction can be built on the terrace right by the house, standing independently somewhere in the garden or even be attached to the fence

what-s-so-special-about-pergolas zdjęcie ogrodzeniaInstalling a Fixscreen will protect you from the sun or insects and give you an intimate space
what-s-so-special-about-pergolas zdjęcie ogrodzeniaA pergola creates a perfect relax space at any time

Why is it a perfect choice for the garden?

Basically pergola gives you an intimate asylum. Installing side elements such as glass walls, architectural concrete, quartz sinters or material screens as Fixscreen which will make the space more private would let you spend your free time in the garden. As we know the weather changes quickly that's why we came up with modern roofs for our constructions. 


You can close and open it whenever you want just by using an app or a controller. You don't have to worry even if there's the largest downfall since our pergolas will drain the water straight to the ground. It's also working perfectly in the winter time, the roof can hold up to 20 centimeters high layer of snow.

what-s-so-special-about-pergolas zdjęcie ogrodzeniaOutside comfort zone, which you can enjoy regardless of the weather
what-s-so-special-about-pergolas zdjęcie ogrodzenia

Aluminum pergolas and their benefits

Made out of the highest quality aluminum pergolas not only can be finished in any color they also can imitate one of several different wood types. But as opposed to the raw material aluminum elements don't need any impregnation or extra maintenance after the installation. 


Weather conditions don't cause any damage on the construction that's why it can be used in any season. Powder coated elements are really resilient and will look phenomenally for a long time.

what-s-so-special-about-pergolas zdjęcie ogrodzeniaExpanding relax area outside of the house
what-s-so-special-about-pergolas zdjęcie ogrodzeniaFreestanding pergola that creates a separate relax zone