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Are you planning to fence a newly built house? Or maybe you want to replace the old fence with new one? If you are wandering what material to choose, below we briefly describe the advantages and disadvantages of the most frequently used materials. They differ not only in appearance, but also in durability and resistance to weather conditions.

The gate is a very important element of the fence, and its selection is best done at the stage of planning space in the garden. However, you should not only be guided by aesthetics, as the length of the driveway, the shape of the plot or the slope of the area are also important. Below we describe the basic differences between swing and sliding gates and the restrictions on their assembly.

The current regulations regarding the construction of fences came into force in June 2015. The amendment to the provisions of the Polish Construction Law simplified procedures related to the construction of simple construction objects, including fences, which are not more than 2.2 m high. What does this mean for us in practice?