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Once again, 4 Design Days did not disappoint us. This year, Spodek and the International Congress Center in Katowice again filled with a crowd of people connected by a common passion - love of architecture and good design. During the days for professionals, we took part in several interesting sessions on sustainable design and had the opportunity to make many inspirational acquaintances. We hope that they will result in interesting projects in the future.

As we have already mentioned, many factors contribute to the final cost of a fence. In the previous blog entry, we have already discussed issues related to construction supervision. Today, we will take a closer look at the preparation of the area and materials available on the market.

A high-quality architectural concrete fence will serve you for many years. The use of properly enriched mixture prevents posts and walls from absorbing water, provides resistance to temperature changes and abrasion. The fence is easy to keep clean, and it is even possible to cover with anti-graffiti coating, which makes it easier to remove the effects of vandalism.

For four days, Spodek and the International Congress Center in Katowice were occupied by enthusiasts of architecture and design. This year, the organizers of 4 Design Days have step up to the challenge for the fourth time. The numbers are really impressive, as nearly 300 exhibitors and 500 experts and over 25,000 visitors took part in the event.

It would seem that the fence is a simple construction that does not require much planning. It is enough to think about where to put the wicket and the gate and choose the material for several walls, posts and fencing panels. A lot of inspiration and information on this subject can be found on the internet. Seems simple.

4 Design Days are over. Thank you to all those who have found the time to visit the Xcel stand and talk to us for a while. Once again, we return to work with our heads full of inspiration and new ideas. Year by year, the event is getting bigger and bigger, so we are impatiently looking forward to next editions. The numbers speak for themselves: 300 speakers, 9,000 professionals, 25 thousand visitors. We are happy that such a special event is taking place in Poland.

Our clients often wonder how different the costs of plot fencing may be, depending on the system chosen and other factors. We decided to devote several subsequent blog entries to this issue and explain why there is no simple Xcel pricelist, which makes up the final cost of the aluminum fence and present examples of fencing projects for the same plot, in various price options.

Architectural concrete is becoming more and more popular. Raw aesthetics and unusual material properties make it eagerly used both in the interiors of houses and in the garden. Architectural concrete is used for kitchen countertops, wall and facade panels, furniture, floors and fences. Let's look at what makes this beautiful material gaining popularity recently.