Good to be home.

Home is a place where we rest and spend time with our loved ones.
XCEL® fences make every return after a tiring day even more enjoyable.
Life is more comfortable and safer with our systems.


Ordering a project is beneficial because it allows the creation of an accurate quote and eliminates many problems even before work begins. We approach each project individually, advise and suggest what materials to choose. Our designers follow the current trends and know the Xcel systems from the inside out, so they will help you choose the best solution for your project.

The fencing project includes all relevant technical specifications, such as profile and wall dimensions, additional elements (gates, wickets), location of foundations and cabling, and expansion joints. You can evaluate the final visual effect and apply comments during consultation with our specialist.

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Advantages of the fencing project

The undoubted advantage of creating the project is the ability to see the visual effect and to provide any comments in the consultation process. Our designers have many achievements to their credit and they can find the best solutions, even in the case of demanding terrain. If you lack the idea and you do not know what fence will match your home, do not worry. We will certainly find a solution that you would like.

An amazing metamorphosis

The individual project was created after discussing all the important details with the client. The modern fence was created with durable and maintenance-free materials. We put on plastered concrete, which allowed to match the fences to the facade of the house and elements of small architecture in the garden. The central point of the project is the minimalistic roofing of the gate and an impressive letterbox with a laser-cut address.

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Order a fencing project

Tell us what requirements your dream fences must fulfill and we will design them for you. The finished project will be useful even if you decide to use another company's services. A detailed information considering distribution of all elements will be useful for every construction team. In addition to a detailed cost estimation, the fencing project will significantly facilitate and accelerate construction work.

Xcel Maintenance Package

You do not have to worry about anything!

We will take care of your fence! The Maintenance Package is a new, unique service for owners of XCEL fences.

Our employee will visit you before and/or after the winter season to check the technical condition of the fence and prepare it for changing weather conditions. This will ensure that any defects are detected early, and removed at an additional cost before they turn into more serious damage.

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Enjoy your free time and leave the fence maintenance to us!

We know how difficult it is to find a moment for yourself and your loved ones today. That's why we want to help you by doing what we know best.

We will take care of keeping your fence in proper technical condition and we will prepare it for the change of season.

With the Maintenance Package you save time and avoid unnecessary worries!

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Everything under control

There are things worth entrusting to specialists, and we know the field of fencing like no other.

With the Maintenance Package, all minor defects will be removed before they can turn into serious damage.

You do not have to worry about taking care of your fence in the unprofessional way!

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