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Xcel is not only about fences, but also aluminum elevation boards and elements of small architecture for your garden. The following visualization presents how the Horizon Rombo, Rockina Cubero and Structure systems can be used to create a functional and visually coherent space. In this garden, we designed a relaxation zone for the residents and practical utility rooms.

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Relaxation zone

The Structure system includes aluminum pergolas, which are ideal for summer heat. Pergolas are desgined for an individual order and may take various forms. In this project we have used a half-covered roof, leaving the residents the choice whether they prefer to relax in the shade or enjoy the sun. The back wall of the pergola is also a part of the fence wall, which saved some place in the garden. The roof was built on the basis of Horizon Rombo fencing panels, which visually refer to the other elements of the project.


An oasis of peace in the garden

The Horizon Rombo system allows you to create light fences that give residents privacy. Profiles with a diamond cross-section are arranged in such a way to isolate the garden from the outside world, without blocking air flow or access to sunlight. Rockina Cubero posts and walls, covered with quartz sintered plates, were also used in this project.


A durable facade

Part of the building facade was covered with quartz sintered boards and Horizon Rombo aluminum elevation planks. In contrast to commonly used wood, selected materials are durable and do not require impregnation. The facade is resistant to weather conditions and it is easy to keep it clean.

Elementy ogrodzenia
Fencing panel
Letter box
Sliding gate
from 10200 EUR
Utility room
Video intercom
Rockina Cubero Posts
from 5100 EUR
  • Fencing panel
  • Facade
  • Wicket
  • Letter box
  • Sliding gate
  • Balustrade
  • Utility room
  • Pergola
  • Marking
  • Video intercom
  • Rockina Cubero Posts
Ogrodzenia XCEL

Utilitarian additions

The project provides for a roofed utility room for litter bins, which can be accessed both from the garden side and street. Due to the modern nature of the project, we have focused on a minimalistic sliding gate. Near the gate there was a mailbox slot, a video intercom and the backlit house number.

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