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Duality is another unusual project that shows the great capabilities of the Arete Horizon system. The customer came to us looking for a durable and modern aluminum fence, which would refer to the characteristic building body. He showed us some pictures that became our inspiration and a starting point for further work. The final effect is a black and white fence based on Arete Horizon simple plastered walls and aluminum fencing panels. A characteristic element of the project is an additional row of plastered posts, which determines the space for attractive greenery.

Jak było?

Detailed project

During the conversations with the client, detailed fencing projects were created. That gave us confidence that the final effect would fully meet the expectations. Based on the presented materials and terrain measurements, a 2D plan was created, which was then modified several times. At the end, we created a photo-like visualization that accurately showed how the fence will ultimately look like. After accepting the project by the client, we started the production of the necessary elements and then their assembly.


Space for greenery

The basis of the fence are simple plastered walls and foundations arranged in two parallel rows. The actual inner part of the fence was filled with Arete Horizon aluminum fencing panels, while the outer walls define the space for greenery and refer to the characteristic walls supporting the roofing of the entrance to the house. The modern fence was color-coordinated to the facade of the building and the finishing elements.


Additional elements

Modern fences are characterized by aesthetics and functionality, so appropriate additional elements are necessary. The client decided on a modern mailbox – Modern Post Box with a built-in video intercom and a numeric keypad. The longitudinal panel was made to order and a laser-cut building address was placed on it, which illuminates after dark. Plastered walls and foundations have been secured with aluminum roofs that protect the fence against the harmful effects of water. The modern sliding gate has signaling lights, which increases safety when leaving the property.

Elementy ogrodzenia
Fencing panel
from 1340 EUR
Modern Post Box
from 4500 EUR
Sliding gate
from 7900 EUR
from 2200 EUR
from 200 EUR
  • Fencing panel
  • Modern Post Box
  • Sliding gate
  • Wicket
  • Visors
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