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Unconventional details make the modern Flow fencing stay in the memory for a long time. In the project Horizon Massive wide aluminum fencing panels were used, as well as Rockina Cubero posts and foundations covered with quartz sintered plates. Such a combination of materials translates not only into the interesting appearance, but also maintenance-free use for many years.



Mariusz Odrzywołek

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A new version of Horizon Massive

In the modern aluminum Flow fence, an unusual variant of the Horizon Massive system was used, in which the gaps between the profiles were partially filled with wood-like elements. In this way, we were able to slightly "warm up" the dark fence. In addition, LED lights producing warm light were installed in the resulting gaps. Night illumination looks really unique!


Different faces of quartz sinters

Quartz sinters is a durable and maintenance-free material available in many colors. Apart from regular washing, they do not require any additional maintenance, so they are increasingly used in modern fences. In the Flow project, gray quartz sintered discs were used to finish Rockina Cubero posts and foundation. By combining them with Horizon Massive aluminum fencing panels, a modern fence with a noble appearance was created.


Necessary additives

The modern sliding gate has been equipped with durable Tousek T8 automation. For the needs of the project, a stainless steel pass-through letterbox was created, with a built-in intercom and a numeric keypad. Next to the wicket door equipped with a stainless steel handrail, a backlit house number was placed. Thanks to the mounted sensors, the lighting of the fence turns on automatically after dark.

Elementy ogrodzenia
Fencing panel
Foundation and underpinning
Modern Post Box
Sliding gate
  • Fencing panel
  • Foundation and underpinning
  • Post
  • Wicket
  • Modern Post Box
  • Lighting
  • Sliding gate
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