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The client was looking for a classic fence with a hint of modernity that would match the unusual shape of the building. The designer has proposed a minimalist fence in contrasting colors, based on plastered walls and our new system called Arete Linearo. Aluminum fencing panels with a traditional vertical arrangement look great in the company of modern accessories and eye-catching glass roofing.

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Traditionally and modern

The base of the fence are classic white plastered walls with characteristic rectangular depressions. They are filled with Arete Linearo graphite vertical aluminum fencing panels, which are a durable and maintenance-free alternative to wooden rails. The posts and foundations were additionally covered with classic stone roofs, which perform a decorative function and protect the fence against water.


Minimalistic additional elements

Xcel designers never forget about functionality. The modern sliding gate has been equipped with durable automation and signal lighting has been placed nearby. At the entrance there is a panel of a pass-through letterbox with a built-in video intercom, a numeric keypad and an illuminated house number. An additional wicket in the front part of the fence leads to a space covered with glass roofing where rubbish bins are placed.

Elementy ogrodzenia
Fencing panel
Sliding gate
Modern Post Box
Glass roofing
  • Fencing panel
  • Wicket
  • Sliding gate
  • Modern Post Box
  • Glass roofing

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