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The Timeless Beauty project became the inspiration for this fence. The client was looking for similar, minimalist solutions, stylistically matching the facade of the house. After a conversation and a detailed analysis of needs, we designed a modern, black and white aluminum fence. We chose Horizon Massive double fencing panels connected with vertical posts and plastered walls and underpinning, which were covered with granite roofs. The fence creates a coherent whole with the facade of the building, both in color (plaster in the same color) and in terms of the materials used (granite roofs and window sills).

Practical solutions

The modern fence could not lack a solid sliding gate with automation and signaling lights. The Horizon Massive wicket has been equipped with a minimalist stainless steel handrail. Near the entrance there is a module of a modern Modern Post Box letterbox with a backlit house number. The customer provided the intercom himself, which was integrated with the letterbox panel. In the front part of the fence an additional wicket was built, leading to a roofed space with trash bins.

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