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The fence sets a private space and protects against noise and the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Modern Xcel fencing systems are functional, aesthetic and allow you to fully enjoy your life: the morning coffee on the terrace, playing with children in the garden or returning home after a tiring day. That's where the name of our realization came from - Day and Night. A well-planned fence makes life easier. Day and night.



Radosław Odrzywołek

Jak było?

The project from scratch

For the needs of the project a simple sketch and technical drawing of the fence was created, followed by 3D visualization. The client was able to apply corrections and knew what final result to expected. In this project, we designed the fence from scratch, we took care of its assembly and provided all functional accessories.


A tailor made fence

The project uses Horizon Massive aluminum fencing panels covered with imitation wood coating and Rockin Cubero construction with quartz sintered plates. The materials used are durable, and their combination creates an unique and modern visual effect. Our company also provided a mailbox, video intercom, automation for the entrance gate and lighting.


Functional additions

The wicket has been equipped with a minimalist stainless steel handrail. In its vicinity a modern Post Box letterbox with built-in video intercom and a numeric keypad were placed. Automatic sliding gate is a practical and aesthetic solution, which works well on both wide and narrow plots. House number and dedicated lighting in the lower part of the walls automatically illuminate after dark.

Elementy ogrodzenia
Fencing panel
from 2400 EUR
from 2200 EUR
Rockina Cubero Pole
from 5100 EUR
from 2700 EUR
Modern Post Box
from 6000 EUR
from 850 EUR
Sliding gate
from 9600 EUR
  • Fencing panel
  • Foundation
  • Rockina Cubero Pole
  • Wicket
  • Modern Post Box
  • Lighting
  • Sliding gate
Ogrodzenia XCEL

Impressive minimalism

The final effect fully coincides with the presented project. The fence looks great from both the garden and the street. Aluminum fencing panels and walls covered with quartz sintered plates are durable and do not require any maintenance. Modern Post Box mailbox allows convenient removal of correspondence from the inside of the property, and lighting increases security after dark.

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