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We present a modern fence that confirms that the Rockina Cubero system works well even on heavily sloping terrain. The project was based on durable, maintenance-free materials. Posts and foundations were covered with architectural concrete slabs and secured with powder coated Modern Cover roofs. The Horizon Massive aluminum fencing panels have been color-coordinated to the finishing elements of the facade of the building.

The details matter

The minimalist end result is also made by eye-catching additions. The Horizon Massive wicket has a wide stainless steel handrail. Next to the entrance a module of a pass-through Modern Box letterbox with non-standard dimensions. Its panel has been equipped with a modern video intercom and a code keypad that allows access to premises without using a key. The sliding gate underlines the modern character of the fence. The gas meter box in the front part of the fence was covered with an aesthetic door.

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