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The customer came to us looking for a minimalist fence, which would emphasize the modern shape of the house and ensure optimal conditions for garden rest. The building is located in the city center, on a fairly busy street and is surrounded by other buildings. We proposed a full fence made of modern and durable materials. The Rockina Cubero walls are covered with architectural concrete, and the Arete Pure gate and wicket are covered with aluminum sheet.

Jak było?

First of all, the design

The cooperation began with a visit to the property and discussion of the client's needs. After making accurate measurements, we started designing. In the front part, we focused on a full fence that shielded the property from the busy street and partially stopped the noise. We used the Rockin Cubero aluminum construction, covered with large-format plates of architectural concrete. The modern sliding gate and wicket were covered with black sheet, the proportions of which refer to the size of concrete slabs. The side parts of the fence were built on the basis of Horizon Massive fencing panels, which are based on aluminum posts. The residents' privacy is protected on all sides.


Impressive entrance

Arete Pure black wicket is equipped with a minimalist stainless steel handrail and side hinge are masked to ensure full privacy in the garden. Near the entrance, on a wide sheet-covered pole, there is a modern video intercom, a pass-through letterbox and a numeric keypad that allows access to the property without using keys. On the other side of the gate is a large house number cut out in the sheet metal.


Functional roofs

The space covered with a glass roof is an aesthetic way to hide the trash bins. For the convenience of the residents, two wickets lead to it - one is placed from the garden side and the other in the front part of the fence. On the property there is also an additional utility room for garden tools. Both zones were created of the same materials as the rest of the fence, so they look like its visual extension.

Elementy ogrodzenia
Arete Pure sliding gate
from 14800 EUR
Arete Pure wicket
from 3800 EUR
Rockina Cubero Poles
from 4300 EUR
House number
from 3400 EUR
Utility room
Horizon Massive fencing panels
  • Arete Pure sliding gate
  • Arete Pure wicket
  • Rockina Cubero Poles
  • House number
  • Utility room
  • Horizon Massive fencing panels
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