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Renovation of the building is the perfect moment to change the fence. In this case, the client decided on a thorough metamorphosis of the house: a traditional roof with red tiles and a yellow facade were replaced with modern sheet metal plates. The radical change also forced the replacement of the fence, as the traditional steel fence did not match the exceptionally modern design.



Mariusz Odrzywołek

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Openwork fence

The day part of the house overlooks the back of the property, so we could build a Horizon Lite light fence without worrying about the privacy of the residents.

When it comes to colors, we referred to the details of the building, such as chimneys and the characteristic house number. The designer used posts with stainless steel cladding and Horizon Lite aluminum fencing panels in RAL9007.

Practical additions

Narrow spans of the Horizon Lite system visually enlarge the garden. At the wicket with a minimalist handrail made of stainless steel, a modern video intercom and a letterbox slot were placed. The customer also decided to use signal lighting near the gate, increasing safety when leaving the property.

Elementy ogrodzenia
Modern Post Box
Fencing panel
  • Wicket
  • Modern Post Box
  • Sings
  • Post
  • Fencing panel
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Futuristic effect

The minimalist fence covered with stainless steel sheet looks futuristic and fits perfectly with a modern building. The openwork design of the Horizon Lite system subtly sets the boundaries of the property and does not block the sunlight. The wide range of colors of our systems allowed us to find a solution ideally suited to such an extraordinary investment.

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