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The house in Krostoszowice is one of the most interesting Polish projects of recent years. It was designed by Robert Skitek from the RS + studio. The architect decided to cut off the unprepossessing buildings from the street, and open to the beauty of the surrounding landscape. The building's body has been covered with a slate and is surrounded by a concrete wall, creating a large platform. Our team supported the architect during the design of the fence and advised on issues related to the selection of the best materials.

Jak było?

Cooperation with the architect

The design process was carried out in cooperation with the RS + studio. The client wanted to create a barrier separating the property from the unprepossessing buildings from the street side. The work was hampered by significant unevenness of the area. In the project concrete walls and Arete Horizon aluminum fencing panels were used. The concrete elements were provided by the investor, but their selection was consulted with our specialists to ensure compatibility with the Xcel wicket and gate.


Raw beauty

The body of the building was covered with raw materials that imposed the stylistics of the fence. Our specialists have helped in the selection of walls with characteristic openings that have been poured out of architectural concrete. In the gate and the wicket, Arete Horizon aluminum fencing panels in RAL 7016 were used, matching the colors of the slate covering the building. At the entrance to the property a color-coordinated Modern Post Box module was placed, as well as video intercom and numeric keypad. Separated space was also created covering the waste bins.

Elementy ogrodzenia
Modern Post Box
Two-winged gate
  • Wall
  • Modern Post Box
  • Wicket
  • Two-winged gate
Ogrodzenia XCEL

Consistent functional additives

The materials used and their colors make the fence a harmonious whole with a body of a modern building. The wicket is equipped with a stainless steel handrail, and the Modern Post Box is located nearby. The numeric keypad allows you to enter the property without having to pull out the keys. Our company has also provided durable automation for the entrance gate.

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