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Beauty is a timeless value, so minimalistic and stylish solutions never go out of fashion. In this project we used grey Horizon Massive profiles and simple, plastered walls and foundations. The central element of the project is the eye-catching roofing of architectural concrete, protecting the guests against rain and wind.



Przemysław Odrzywołek

Jak było?

Client's expectations

The current fence did not meet the expectations of the client. Steel modules did not guarantee privacy in the garden, and additional elements, such as the letterbox or the house number plate were not coherent with the rest of the elements. As a base for the new fence, simple plastered foundations and pillars were chosen, among which we placed Horizon Massive aluminum profiles in gray.

W trakcie realizacji - budowa ogrodzenia

The interesting roofing

The eye is attracted by the entrance cover, in the form of a simple visor with built-in LED lighting. Near the gate was a Modern Post Box module, with a mailbox, a video entry phone and a numeric keypad. Its extension is a board with a laser-cut address, which along with LED lighting on aluminum posts, illuminates automatically after dark.

Elementy ogrodzenia
Modern Post Box
from 4800 EUR
from 2300 EUR
from 850 EUR
Sliding gate
from 8600 EUR
  • Modern Post Box
  • Wicket
  • Lighting
  • Sliding gate
  • Roofing
Ogrodzenia XCEL

Coherent effect

The fence is functional and aesthetic. Wide Horizon Massive aluminum profiles provide privacy for the family in the garden. All additional elements form a coherent and harmonious whole. Dedicated lighting facilitates finding the right address at night and increases security around the property.

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