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Ogrodzenie zapewnia mieszkańcom domu bezpieczeństwo i poczucie prywatności oraz stanowi wizytówkę posesji. Właśnie dlatego, szukając odpowiedniego rozwiązania, należy brać pod uwagę zarówno funkcjonalność, jak i estetykę.


In this project, the characteristic facade of the building imposed the style of the fence and the materials used. The walls are based on the aluminum structure of Rockin Cubero, covered with architectural concrete slabs. Their filling is made of Horizon Wood aluminum fencing panels with an American-cedar wood-like coating. The use of profiles in several widths makes the fence look lighter, while providing the family with a sense of privacy at the same time.

Modern solutions

The final effect was also influenced by additional elements. The main wicket is equipped with a stainless steel handrail and vertical side masks. There is a slot of the minimalist letterbox nearby. Due to the modern nature of the project, we have built a sliding gate equipped with an automatic system. The second wickeet, in the side part of the fence, leads to the space with garbage bins, covered with a glass roof.

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