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A modern, minimalist building needs proper elements that will subtly underline its aesthetic qualities. In this case, the characteristic elevation of the building forced the use of similar materials in the design of the fence. The combination of architectural concrete panels and wooden profiles creates a raw and noble effect.

Jak było?

Cooperation with the architect

The property is located in the city center, so the height of the fence could not exceed 1.8 m. The materials used refer to the facade of the building and elements of small architecture in the garden, such as concrete flower pots. The owners of the building also wanted the fence to be durable durability and unnecessary additions reduced. In cooperation with the architect, we have created a 2D project.

W trakcie realizacji - budowa ogrodzenia

Less is more

In this project the prefabricated aluminum Rockina Cubero structure, covered with architectural concrete slabs was used. Horizontal profiles filling the wicket frame and Arete Horizon gates refer to the facade of the house. To limit the additional elements, we used a minimalist mailbox in the form of a slot in the plate and underground automation of the gateway. For practical reasons, an additional gate was made in the fence, leading to a separate space with trash bins.

Elementy ogrodzenia
Video intercom
Modern Post Box
Double-leaf gate
  • Video intercom
  • Wicket
  • Modern Post Box
  • Lightning
  • Post
  • Double-leaf gate
Ogrodzenia XCEL

Raw beauty

The materials used form a coherent whole with the building facade and garden arrangement. Minimalist additional elements are discrete and enhance the functionality of the fence. An interesting solution is the underground automation of the gateway, which works well with modern fences.

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