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Horizon Wood aluminum profiles are available in many colors and can imitate over 30 types of wood. In this project, horizontal profiles with several widths have been combined with straight plastered walls and underpinnings in white. For practical reasons, a space for garbage bins was separated in the side of the fence, closed with an aesthetic wicket. The entrance to the property is protected by a simple L-shaped roof that protects guests against rain and wind. Near the gate there is a Modern Post letterbox with a built-in video intercom and a numeric keypad. The modern entrance gate has been equipped with solid automation, and signaling lighting is installed nearby.

Aesthetics and durability

Xcel fences are a long-lasting solution for many years. Horizon Wood aluminum profiles are covered with a durable powder varnish, and the fences based on them are difficult to distinguish from wooden fences. Unlike natural wood, Horizon Wood profiles do not require any impregnation or maintenance. In this project, plastered walls and foundations were additionally topped with simple, aluminum roofs. They perform an aesthetic function and protect the fence against the harmful effects of water.

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