Good to be home.

Home is a place where we rest and spend time with our loved ones.
XCEL® fences make every return after a tiring day even more enjoyable.
Life is more comfortable and safer with our systems.


Access is a variety of products that increase the functionality and aesthetics of the fence. Using them you can hide unsightly elements and emphasize what should be visible.

Access includes, among others, a letterbox with a built-in access control system, covers for gas and electric boxes, visers for posts and laser cut inscriptions and digits. All elements are made to order, for the needs of specific project.


Structure is a line offering roofings and other constructions that make the time spent in the garden more enjoyable. Our buildings will shield you from the sun, cover the garbage in aesthetic manner and create a comfortable parking space for your car.

Structure constructions are made of high quality aluminum covered with a durable powder varnish or wood-like coating. Colors can match any building elements or fences.


Additional LED lighting is an economical solution that increases safety on the property and is a spectacular complement to the project.

Thanks to installed sensors, the lighting automatically turns on after dark, so guests will find your home even on the darkest night.


Nowadays automation for the entrance gate has ceased to be a luxury and has become a standard. It is worth remembering that the choice of the proper mechanism should be preceded by the analysis of the terrain and user needs.

Our many years of experience means that we are able to help you choose the solution that will work best in your garden and have trouble-free service for many years.


Aluboard aluminum boards are a modern and effective way to finish the facade of the building. Aesthetically equal natural wood, but unlike it, they are durable and do not require maintenance. They can be covered with a wood-like coating or powder varnish in any RAL color.

The wide range makes Aluboard boards easy to match any building elements, such as balustrades or windows.