4 Design Days, a solid dose of inspiration for the fourth time

For four days, Spodek and the International Congress Center in Katowice were occupied by enthusiasts of architecture and design. This year, the organizers of 4 Design Days have step up to the challenge for the fourth time. The numbers are really impressive, as nearly 300 exhibitors and 500 experts and over 25,000 visitors took part in the event.

During the event we managed to make many interesting acquaintances and participate in several interesting discussion sessions. We came back with heads full of ideas that will be reflected in our projects and products.

4-design-days-a-solid-dose-of-inspiration-for-the-fourth-time zdjęcie ogrodzenia

During the first two days, which were dedicated to professionals, nearly 60 thematic sessions took place, with the participation of Polish and foreign experts. We discussed the challenges facing contemporary architecture and design. We discussed what we can be done to make our products and services meet the needs of ordinary people and be environmentally friendly.

We were particularly interested in the discussion panel regarding designing an ideal home and the use of intelligent solutions. We were pleased to hear that the work of Polish architects is increasingly attracting the attention of foreign experts. We also notice positive changes in design in our daily work. From year to year, the number of beautiful homes in Poland is growing!

4-design-days-a-solid-dose-of-inspiration-for-the-fourth-time zdjęcie ogrodzenia

Our favorite part of 4 Design Days, however, are Open Days. We get to talk with potential users of our fences, i.e. owners of houses and lovers of beautiful forms. Questions and comments that we receive from people visiting the stand force us to look at our products from a different perspective.

Your opinions are invaluable to us, and meetings with you are as inspiring as the lectures of world experts. We would like to thank all those whom we had the opportunity to meet during the fourth edition of 4 Design Days. See you in 2020!

4-design-days-a-solid-dose-of-inspiration-for-the-fourth-time zdjęcie ogrodzenia