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Cooperation with good architects is a source of endless inspiration for us. The minimalist Sky Cloudy fence was created on the basis of a project created by the Wiewióra & Golczyk Architekci studio. Arete Horizon gray aluminum fencing panels were chosen for the project, as they blend well with simple walls and underpinnings made of cast architectural concrete. The classic form and modern materials create a durable fence with a timeless aesthetic that visually harmonizes with the characteristic facade of the house.

Practical solutions

The aesthetics and functionality of the fence also consist of additional elements. The sliding gate is a practical solution that emphasizes the modern style of the fence. The wicket, instead of a standard handle, is equipped with a minimalist stainless steel handrail. In its vicinity, on one of the concrete walls, there is a simple letterbox and a house number cut out of the stainless sheet. The space with garbage bins has been aesthetically separated with concrete walls and covered with a glass roof.

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